FITNESS FOCUS: Temple 24 Hour Fitness co-owners (from left) Aly Dal Santo, Tina Castle and Carlos Dal Santo in their Booval Fair location.
FITNESS FOCUS: Temple 24 Hour Fitness co-owners (from left) Aly Dal Santo, Tina Castle and Carlos Dal Santo in their Booval Fair location. Rob Williams

Firm Focus: Helping make fitness part of your lifestyle

AS A nation we spend up big on fitness and many Australians put fitness at the top of their New Year's resolutions.

Temple 24 Hour Fitness understands the core needs of people living in the Ipswich area and believes if people are determined and plan well they can achieve their fitness goals at the newly opened facility at Booval Fair or at Orion Shopping Centre, Springfield.

Temple 24 Hour Fitness director Aly Dal Santo sees fitness not as a fad or something that has to cost a lot of money.


"It is part of your lifestyle, it is what you do each day like taking a shower or cleaning your teeth. It is natural, it is normal and you want to do it," she said.

The gym is impressive in how it reframes how we see fitness and how they get to know each person and care for them individually.

"We opened up at Booval Fair just over a week ago, there was a great opportunity for us to take over an existing gym space. Centre Management approached us and we felt that it is a good location and has lots of potential," she said.

The Booval Fair facility is on level two, with easy access. The gym is staffed from 6am to 8pm with entry outside these hours using a swipe card system.

"We offer all of the usual services including strength building and cardio and have added power lifting. There is CrossFit and a wide variety of classes to suit all ages and needs, she said.

"We do not have locked in contracts, we are more interactive and as an owner operated business, we are also keen that our clients are supported with their nutrition, it is a whole change to how we live."

While recent media coverage has identified possible surgical treatment for the morbidly obese, Aly believes people can turn the situation around through lifestyle choices.

"It is what you put into your mouth, I do understand where the medical fraternity are coming from but these situations are not setting good examples for children who will potentially grow up to repeat the same bad choices. You have to deal with the root cause and that is determining to make good lifestyle choices," she said.

Taking advantage of a place like Temple 24 Hour Fitness can dramatically help through encouragement and setting plans with you.

"It is a light bulb moment for people, it is when we see we want to live life, not just drag ourselves through one day to the next, that's when this is not a burden it becomes a way of life," she said.

Carlos Santo will be taking the lead in the Booval Fair outlet while wife Aly will continue her work with ladies only Miss Temple 24 Hour Fitness. They are in partnership with Darren and Tina Castle, based at Springfield, and all bring a wealth of experience.

Temple 24 Hour Fitness can be contacted on 3143 1280. Check them out at