The Village Herbalist owner Sandy Jeudwine at the premises in Alstonville.
The Village Herbalist owner Sandy Jeudwine at the premises in Alstonville. Marc Stapelberg

Herbalist keen to make natural medicine more accessible

New store in Alstonville: The Village Herbalist opens a shop at Alstonville after eight years

SANDY Jeudwine wants to make herbal medicine more accessible to the community of Alstonville.

That's why she last week took the step of opening a shop in Main St having been in private practice on the Plateau for about eight years.

And she said what has pleased her most so far about the new venture is that she has had two people who have walked into The Village Herbalist having never tried herbal medicine before.

"They both came back to me and said 'herbs work'," Sandy said.

That is, of course, no surprise to Sandy, who said she wants her shop to be a "hub for community wellness."

Her interest in herbal medicine came when she received a book on herbs as a gift when she was in her teens, and she has seen the benefits of herbs ever since.

That led her to beginning studies as a naturopath in 1985 "before anyone knew what a naturopath was."

Her studies have since been on the "grassroots" path.

She said there has been significant changes in attitudes to herbal medicine -- and complementary medicine -- since those days.

That comes with regular headlines in recent years about the over prescription of antibiotic and the potential to threaten their effectiveness.

"Plants were the first medicines," Sandy said.

"Most pharmaceuticals come from plants."

Sandy grows some of her own herbs, and is particular about where she sources her other plants from, in the same way as some foodies follow a paddock-to-plate philosophy.

She even sources some plants through "wildcrafting", collecting useful herbs from places like roadsides that she knows don't get sprayed with herbicides.

Sandy has lived in Alstonville for 26 years.

You can find her shop at the entrance to The Colonial Arcade in Main St.