LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Ghost Who Walks a bad role model

I WOULD like to reply to those people who have protested about the Phantom being taken out of the paper.

I feel that these people should take a good look at the figure that they seem to hold on high and who are obsessed to the point of being delusional as someone who represents good in this world.


Let us examine the person in a little more detail.

While he and his wife roam the world in the name of doing good, leaving their young family to be brought up by a tribe of pygmies (no offence to pygmies), how do these young people assimilate to modern society when their only example to follow is a father who runs around using a false passport, in a lycra suit with a mask and carrying guns in company with a savage dog?

If anyone else did this they would be arrested and the dog would be put down.

The Phantom seems to be judge, jury and executioner.

Where is the premise of upholding the law and where everyone is innocent before proven guilty?

He just rushes in hitting people willy nilly, scaring them for life with his ring (assault with a deadly weapon) and shooting anything that moves.

Also he is in possession of stolen property - think of all the gold and jewels he keeps in his secret cave.

All at one time belonged to kings and queens and figures of high society until it was stolen by pirates and it was then taken from them by the Phantom.

These treasures should be returned to their rightful owners.

Thank you editor Frazer for taking this bold move as the young people of today do not need to be presented with such a bad example of behaviour.

We have enough violence in the world.

Ron Gall

SMS comments

THE editor says they are getting positive feedback for the loss of the Phantom - surely that would be drowned out by the negative?

"No man can refuse the voice of the Phantom," old jungle saying. Dan PA