MasterChef Australia contestant Heather Day.
MasterChef Australia contestant Heather Day. Channel 10

Heston's colour challenge has Heather seeing yellow

MASTERCHEF'S Heston week has been the undoing of Adelaide cook Heather Day.

The 32-year-old sales manager was forced to sit out of most of this week's special pop-up challenges after failing to impress in Sunday's astronomy inspired challenge at The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel.

"I only got to cook once for Heston before last night's elimination," she said.

"Trent (Harvey) and I practiced cooking back at the house. We still wanted to do whatever they had to do in the pop-ups. But it's not where you want to be."

Ms Day was eliminated tonight after plating up a confusing combination of flavours inspired by the colour yellow.

She made her mum's lemon sultana delicious, but the pudding didn't hold its shape. The judges also found her of bitter chocolate ganache, white chocolate mousse and a poppy seed, coffee and dukkah crumb clashed with the pudding.

"It became a bit of a lemon disaster," Ms Day said.

"Now that the show's into the Top 10 it's getting tougher. You can't have a dish that doesn't taste great or doesn't plate up well, and unfortunately both of those things happened to me."

*EMBARGOED until 9pm Thursday June 30* Heather Day, Matt Sinclair and Chloe Bowles pictured in a scene from the Heston Week pressure test on MasterChef. Supplied by Channel 10.
Heather Day, Matt Sinclair and Chloe Bowles found themselves in the bottom three of tonight's pressure test.


Since leaving the show Ms Day has undertaken several months of work experience with Matt Moran at his seaside eatery North Bondi Fish.

"Jumping into my chef's whites straight after the show has kept the confidence and learning curve going," she said.

"I don't plan on starting a three-year chef's apprenticeship, but it's still important to get those fundamentals and basics of working in a restaurant kitchen."

Ms Day is working on her own range of flavoured butters for a market stall to launch in August at Adelaide's new Plant 4 Markets, where she will also offer cooking classes.

"I was lactose intolerant as a child and I eventually grew out of it and have been obsessed with butter ever since," she said.

"My experience on MasterChef has allowed me to have a play around with making butter from scratch and flavouring it. I've always wanted to own my own business and thanks to the show I've now got the confidence to combine my skill sets."

She tips fan favourite Matt Sinclair, a coffee roaster from Noosa, to win the show despite his close call in tonight's elimination challenge.

"He's already a chef in my eyes; he acts like one and thinks like one," she said.

"I think he's going to be unbeatable, but Theresa (Visintin) and Elena (Duggan) are really coming up strong. Harry (Foster) and Elise (Franciskovic) have also done really well this week. It's a tough competition."

MasterChef continues on Sunday at 7.30pm on Channel 10.