The Bachelor contestant Steph Dixon.
The Bachelor contestant Steph Dixon. Channel 10

Hidden booze and skinny dipping: secrets from The Bachelor

SNEAKING drinks behind bushes and skinny dipping are some of the late night activities that went on behind the scenes of the current season of The Bachelor.

Intruder Steph Dixon, who was eliminated from the reality dating show tonight, revealed to APN she and fellow 'bachelorette' Olena Khamula would often stay up late after the rose ceremonies to let off steam.

Despite long filming days, no access to mobile phones or social media and supervision by production staff, it appears some of the bachelorettes managed to find a bit of sneaky fun behind the scenes.

"We had stashes of alcohol that we'd steal from the cocktail party and after every rose ceremony we had this ritual where we went skinny dipping," Ms Dixon said.

"The rose ceremonies were so emotional you'd have to bring some fun into it. Everyone else would go to bed and we'd stay up, have a few wines and run amok. We were the quietly rebellious ones.

"The next day we'd be like 'oh no we've had like four hours sleep and we've got to film' but it was fun... we were the naughty kids."

*WARNING EMBARGOED until 9pm Thursday September 1* The Bachelor Richie Strahan pictured with the final five bachelorettes.
The Bachelor Richie Strahan with his final five bachelorettes, from left, Nikki, Olena, Alex, Faith and Rachael. Channel 10

Ms Dixon said it was her friendship with Ms Khamula that made her time on the show worthwhile. Entering halfway through the season as an intruder, she never felt completely accepted by the other bachelorettes.

"I didn't realise the girls didn't want me there that much," she said. "At the time they didn't really say anything to me about it; it was all behind my back. That's what those girls are like. They talk behind each others' backs.

"Olena and I were like two peas in a pod. We had each others' back the whole way through."

The 25-year-old model said she could have been a real contender for The Bachelor's heart if she had been cast as part of the original group.

"It was really difficult to live in an environment where you know that people really don't want you there," she said.

"Half the reason why I didn't fully open myself up to Richie was because I had to go home and live with these girls.

"I think they knew that if I had really put my heart and soul into it I could have been serious competition, but at that point in time I would rather have tried to get along with them."

Ms Dixon tips Ms Khamula and hairdresser Faith Williams as potential threats to front runners Nikki Gogan and Alex Nation.

"To be honest I never saw Nikki as a clear front runner," she said.

"I can't see them together. She's a lovely girl but I don't think she has the adventurous side to keep up with Richie."

The Bachelor continues on Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 10.