Springfield Lakes.
Springfield Lakes. Rob Williams

High-end Springfield homes buck market trends

THE real estate market has softened in Springfield says McGrath Estate Agents Principal Tracey Caruana.

Ms Caruana said more homes were hitting the market but due to a couple of factors a "pull back" was being felt across the nation.

She said homes were still selling in Springfield but not for as much as they were.

The biggest change was in houses priced in the $350,000 to $550,000 range.

"It's about 10 per cent difference even though the data is not showing that," Ms Caruana said.

Homes that were well presented and priced well were doing the best.

"People want the house that has nothing left to do and priced to meet the current market."

Homes priced on the high end of the scale, over $600,000 are still selling very well.

"The big two storey lake view homes that are rare and hard to fine are achieving good prices

"The prices of January and February are not achievable except at the upper end.

"We're saying to some if you don't have to sell then don't sell now.

"But we're still selling lots of houses."

Ms Caruana said McGrath Estate Agents were doing more and more styling and staging to get better price results.

She said homes needed to look good, new paint, new carpet and nice gardens would go a long way.