The Rivers College Lismore High campus vice captains, Lucy Economos and Codey Briggs, after the Shave for a Cure event.
The Rivers College Lismore High campus vice captains, Lucy Economos and Codey Briggs, after the Shave for a Cure event.

High school hair today, gone tomorrow

HIGH school students love Fridays. It's the day to wind up a week's worth of education and find a little extra breathing room.

Lismore High Campus enjoyed Friday, March 15, with the world's greatest fundraiser.

An annual event, The World's Greatest Shave is for everyday heroes to show their support to blood-cancer patients, and for these patients to have a brighter time in life.

Ten students from varied year-groups joined the Lismore High Buzz Cuts team and took on the Shave or coloured their hair.

The result was a wild parade of good sportsmanship and fancy new looks all underlined by an acknowledgment to the people who fight blood cancer. Vice Captains Lucy Economos and Codey Briggs both had turns in the hot-seat under the clippers and felt liberated and more aware of the cancer issue.

"When I decided to do the Shave, a lot of people told me I was brave. It never felt like bravery, but just the right thing to do. The real bravery is with those in the battle against leukaemia, who face their illness every day and still continue," Lucy said. "I just got a haircut."

Codey's experience was much similar. "I was nervous at first, but it was for such a good cause. I reconsidered my feelings and looked at everyone else who had shaved, and we mutually understood it was necessary to show support."

In the lead-up to the Shave, the students raised over one-thousand and five-hundred dollars for the Leukaemia Foundation. Students gathered additional funds outside of the school with families, friends and the wider community.

The honourability of these students is admirable, but they are keen for the support to go to cancer patients. A key element of the school's ethics is create leaders for tomorrow who are empathetic and willing to engage in social and charitable work.

The Buzz Cuts crew agree that helping members of the community is essential.

Friday's Shave exemplifies this goodness. The money raised is about to reach the Leukaemia Foundation and all the students who participated or supported the event feel confident there's hope for all cancer-patients.

They would like to thank money-givers and encourage more support for survivors and fighters of cancer.