Hot weather forecast to return on the weekend.
Hot weather forecast to return on the weekend. MarianVejcik

High temperatures are coming back

DON'T get out the winter woolies yet, as the hot weather is about to return.

The Northern Rivers has enjoyed some cooler, milder temperatures than has been experienced earlier last month, but the high temperatures will make a reappearance this weekend.

While the weather gurus at Higgins Storm Chasing are forecasting the mercury to run into the 40s for Queensland, our little corner of the world will be hovering around the early to mid-thirties.

The Bureau of Meteorology has the following forecasts:


A morning shower or two with maximum temperatures hitting 27.


Mostly sunny with a maximum temperature of 29.


Not a chance of rain and the high temperatures return with a maximum of 32.


While the chance of rain inches up to 30%, the maximum temperature also inches up to 34.


A 50% chance of rain, but still a maximum temperature at 32.


A possibility of a storm and a shower or two with a maximum temperature of 33


50% chance of rain and a maximum temperature of 32.