Rappville Pub.
Rappville Pub.

Historic pub set to be restored to ‘former glory’

Nothing beats a pub feed and visitors to the Commercial Hotel in Rappville will soon be able to order their favourite meal for the first time in more than four years.

Affectionately known as "The Rappy", the owners of beloved pub posted on social media they were in the process of building a brand new kitchen.

"After almost 4.5 years of The Rappy having no kitchen, relying on food vans to feed patrons, we have the best news … (that) we can begin works of building our brand new kitchen in a few weeks," the social media post read.


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"It's finally going to happen, we are over the moon, this pub will be restored to its former glory.

"Great pub food and (a) couple of the pub's specialty dishes will be served up thereafter.

"We will change our opening hours and be able to serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffees and deserts.

"Local fresh produce, jams and spices will also be sold."


Rappville Pub.
Rappville Pub.

The pub's owners have engaged builders to start the build and are eagerly awaiting the kitchen's reopening after hiring a cook and waiters who are "on standby ready for their new jobs".

The new restaurant will be called The Whistle Stop and will hopefully be open in time for HOG event, The Charity Dice Run, on May 2.

Up until this point, the pub had been relying on food trucks to feed customers.


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But that's not all the owners have in store at the hotel, with planning under way to install a disability ramp on the on Ivy St side of the pub and an indoor accessible toilet, after kitchen installation is complete.

They also have plans to build "The Rappy Lake" next to the pub, which would be used for a number of things to assist the community.


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"(We want to) raise the back grass area level to street so we can build permanent gazebos out of flood, help to control the flooding we incur out back with heavy rain, (provide) water storage for pub and village in case any other fire happens again giving RFS access entry point, to attract wild life, to build a bridge over it for wedding photographs, and to beautify the village surrounding the hotel," the social media post said.