Plans for Bangalow's Robinson Subdivision.
Plans for Bangalow's Robinson Subdivision.

Historical sites earmarked for inclusion in council’s LEP

THE possible inclusion of more homes within a local register of significant sites in Bangalow’s heritage conservation area will be considered this week.

Byron Shire Council’s Heritage Panel made a recommendation that it should receive a further report on the possible changes at its March 12 meeting.

The intent of that report was to further inform them on the potential to list the Robinson Estate of Bangalow on Schedule 5 of the Byron Local Environmental Plan 2014.

The Robinson Subdivision is land between Charlotte, Robinson and Thomas Sts and Lismore Rd.

This area is already within a statutory Heritage Conservation area but the Bangalow Historical Society has lodged a proposal for the area’s inclusion as a heritage item under the Byron LEP.

The report will go before the Heritage Panel when it meets on June 11.

The council’s staff have recommended the State Heritage Inventory database for the existing Bangalow Heritage Conservation area be updated, with the addition of more historic dwellings which aren’t currently listed.

An aerial image showing sites in Bangalow which are currently protected by either a Heritage Conservation Area or a Heritage Item listing (in orange).
An aerial image showing sites in Bangalow which are currently protected by either a Heritage Conservation Area or a Heritage Item listing (in orange).

They have recommended this would include 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 25, which consists of a “group of workers cottages associated with George Reading”.

“Individual heritage listings or a listing of these contributory subject historic dwellings which are currently not listed individually, as a heritage group (group value), should be explored further,” staff said in the recommendation.

“This will require additional research, the preparation of separate State Heritage Inventory datasheets with descriptions, historical information for each property and consultation with property owners for inclusion in a Planning Proposal to legally amend the Byron LEP 2014.”

Staff recommended the further exploration of those individual listings should only be progressed “when a budget allocation is available, and or grant funding is obtained”.

For a site’s significance on a local or state level to be assessed, there are seven criteria, including its historical, aesthetic and social significance and its rarity.

According to the council report, the 11 potential heritage sites up for consideration include 17 Charlotte St which was the 1907 retirement home of Thomas Robinson, Bangalow’s first white settler.

Also flagged for consideration are several homes on Charlotte St, William St, Lismore Rd and the George Reading Building on Lismore Rd.

A historical assessment report found “the Robinson Subdivision and its associated early dwellings demonstrate historical, historical associative and aesthetic significance, showing evidence of early settlement of Bangalow by pioneers and hold association with T Robinson, and GJ Snow”.

“The historic dwellings exhibit the timber and iron vernacular design aesthetic of the North Coast region and are fine example of local timber construction and craftsmanship.