Hogan wants government approach to wiping out Ice problem

PAGE MP Kevin Hogan has congratulated local police for their work in slowing the spread of Ice in our community, but said a whole-of-government approach was needed.

"More people are using Ice more often, and while the police are doing a great job by taking some of this drug off our streets, we need greater Federal Government involvement to tackle the Ice scourge," he said.

Mr Hogan has been speaking with his parliamentary colleagues and ministers about the need for a Federal Government Ice plan.

Kevin Hogan. Photo Jacklyn Wagner / The Northern Star
Kevin Hogan. Photo Jacklyn Wagner / The Northern Star Jacklyn Wagner

"I believe the Government needs to crack down on drug dealers and the misery they peddle," Mr Hogan said.

"Not only is Ice extremely addictive, it is makes users unstable. One 'hit' can send a user into a violent psychotic rage."

The 2013 National Drug Survey Household Survey found that among those using methamphetamine, there was an increase in the proportion using the crystalline form known as Ice from 22% in 2010 to 50% in 2013.

It also found the frequency of use more than doubled over the same period.

Meanwhile the 2012-2013 Illicit Drug Data Report found Ice available on the street was more pure than in the past.

"Increased purity in addition to an increase in the frequency of use means users are more extreme and difficult to manage. This is devastating for users, their families, health professionals dealing with the aftermath, and our whole community," Mr Hogan said.

"The Government is already working on the problem, including spending $200 million for drug and alcohol treatment, research and education. However, we cannot sit on our laurels - more action is needed."