Federal member for Page Kevin Hogan.
Federal member for Page Kevin Hogan. Doug Eaton

Hogan: We can work with Greens, Natale

MEMBER for Page Kevin Hogan said he was optimistic about new Greens leader Richard Di Natale's ethos on working with the Coalition.

Senator Di Natale was elected as the Greens leader after Christine Milne resigned on Tuesday, and described himself as pragmatic rather than an idealist.

Mr Hogan said the Nationals and the Greens had a lot in common.

"I've had my differences in the past with the Greens," Mr Hogan said.

"In some ways the Greens are community-based like the Nationals."

Mr Hogan said while it seemed like the Liberals represented the big end of town and Labor the unions, the Nationals and Greens were community-based parties.

"I believe this in the bottom of my heart," Mr Hogan said.

"Every politician has the good of the country in mind."

"We have different avenues on how we can go about to achieve it."

Mr Hogan used the policies on climate change as examples of the Nationals and Greens' differing views.

"They believed the carbon tax was the way to go," he said.

The carbon tax charged companies that made 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, not including transport or agriculture sectors.

"We didn't think it would work unless it was globally applied. We thought the direct action plan was the way top get there."

The Direct Action Plan puts forward $2.55 billion over four years payed out to businesses, community organisations, local councils or any other member of the community, to reduce their carbon emissions.

In order to get the money, interested parties will register projects they believe will lower their emissions.

Mr Hogan said because Senator Di Natale was in the senate and he was in the Lower House they did not much to do with each other, but he seemed "like a good guy".