Mrs Beryl Dickson, mum to murdered man Ricky Slater.
Mrs Beryl Dickson, mum to murdered man Ricky Slater. Sam Rigney - Newcastle Herald

Home invader previously served jail time for rape of girl

THE man who was allegedly murdered after being found inside a Newcastle house had served time in prison for raping a teenage girl in her own home in the past.

The Newcastle Herald has said that Rick Slater-Dickson was sentenced to a minumum four years' jail for the 2007 attack on a 16-year-old girl in South Tamworth.

Resident Benjamin Batterham is now accussed of murdering Mr Slater-Dickson after he was found inside the Cleary Street home in Newscastle about 3.30am on Saturday.

The 2007 rape followed years of other offending, with Slater-Dickson's lengthy criminal history, tendered in court, detailing convictions for drugs, assault, theft and driving offences, the Herald said.

The Herald said one night in June 2007, the girl had been expecting her ex-boyfriend to visit her South Tamworth home.

But when she answered a knock at the door, she found a Mr Slater-Dickson standing there, pantless.

Mr Slater-Dickson then pushed his way inside and raped the teenager, details surrounding the case revealed in court.

He was arrested after his DNA matched a swab taken from the teenager and was sentenced to a maximum six years' jail in Sydney District Court on January 16, 2009.