A youth has been charged after being found with a homemade taser in Casino.
A youth has been charged after being found with a homemade taser in Casino. Rodney Stevens

HOMEMADE TASER: Youth charged over 'highly dangerous' weapon

A YOUTH has been charged after police found a homemade taser in a toilet block in Casino.

Police allege on Wednesday afternoon they received complaints about a person in possession of a taser. Police stopped and searched a juvenile who was in possession of power cords.

A short time later police searched a toilet block on Walker Street where they found a torch like object hidden behind a heater was connected to the wall of the toilet.

The item was 17cm in length, had a slide button on one side and a push button on the other side. On the base of the torch was an off/on switch and a charging port. It was then noticed that if the on/off switch was turned to on position and when the button was depressed it would discharge an electrical charge.

Police spoke to the juvenile at Casino police station. The power cord, still in the juvenile's possession, was the charger for the taser.

The juvenile was placed under arrest and charged with possess prohibited weapon and will face Casino Children's Court in May.

Senior Constable David Henderson said: "Tasers are a prohibited weapon and you cannot possess one with authorisation. They are highly dangerous in the wrong hands, especially the dodgy ones that can be illegally brought online".

The maximum penalty that can be imposed in the Local Court was two years imprisonment. The senior constable said, if you are sentenced in the District Court, the maximum imprisonment is 14 years.

"If you have a taser or a prohibited weapon I strongly suggest that you dispose of it today.You can surrender a taser or any prohibited weapon you or your kids may be in possession of to police."

Prohibited weapons include flick knives, ballistic knives, sheath knives, push dagger, trench knife, butterfly knife, star knife, bomb, grenade, rocket, missile or mine, flame thrower, spear gun less than 45cm, crossbow, slingshot (being a device consisting of an elasticised band secured to the forks of a "Y" shaped frame) other than a home-made slingshot for use by a child in the course of play, blow gun, blow pipe, mace, flail, whip that contains metal, whips known as a cat-o'-nine-tails, Kung fu sticks or "nunchaku",side-handled baton, extendable or telescopic baton, any hand-held defence or anti-personnel device that is designed to administer an electric shock on contact, taser, knuckle dusters, sap glove, studded glove, any device designed or intended as a defence or anti-personnel spray and that is capable of discharging by any means any irritant matter or any acoustic or light-emitting anti-personnel device that is designed to cause permanent or temporary incapacity or to otherwise disorientate persons.

For more, read the NSW Prohibited Weapons Act online.