Dolphin Research Australia has been keeping a close eye on a pod of dolphins in the Brunswick River.
Dolphin Research Australia has been keeping a close eye on a pod of dolphins in the Brunswick River.

Concerns for baby dolphin's future after its mum dies

DOLPHIN Research Australia has thanked the local community for helping to keep track of a pod of dolphins in the Brunswick River earlier this year.

"The dolphins were last seen on March 1 in the river with eight leaving (including the calves)," the group posted on its Facebook page.

"One adult female we have now identified as Polly, who we know very well, was unfortunately found dead later on March 7.

"We are very saddened by this news and we can not confirm whether she was ill, but we do know she was an older dolphin.

"Polly had a six-month-old calf who we hope has been adopted by other females that were in the pod, but we'll be looking out for them in our future surveys in Moreton Bay and Byron Bay."

Dolphin Research Australia first posted about the pod on February 21.

The pod was unusual because many of them were Southern Moreton Bay / Gold Coast resident dolphins.

At the time of the sighting, Dolphin Research Australia asked people to give the dolphins space and not to approach them.

"These dolphins are very sensitive to people in and around the water near them and we need to ensure that these dolphins stay calm," the group posted on Facebook.

"We are not sure why these dolphins are in the Brunswick River and they are highly vulnerable.

"We are closely monitoring the situation."

Visit Dolphin Research Australia to report a dolphin sighting in your area.


Dolphin rescues

  • In October 2008 a mother bottlenose dolphin and her calf were trapped for two weeks in Ballina's Prospect Lake. The rescue operation involved Sea World staff, NSW National Parks and Wildlife officers from Alstonville, SCU whale researchers, 12 Australian Seabird Rescue volunteers, Ballina police and the RSPCA.
  • THREE dolphins beat Ballina Shire Council to the gate in May 2009 by getting into Prospect Lake at East Ballina before a prevention device could be installed. A mature female, her calf and another juvenile, all known residents of the Richmond River, were spotted in the lake.
  • A BOTTLENOSE dolphin washed up on Sharpes Beach, Skennars Head, in October 2013, suffering wounds inflicted by a shark. Australian Seabird Rescue and National Parks and Wildlife attended, but the dolphin had to be euthanised.