HOT WEATHER: The BOM predicts high temps this week.
HOT WEATHER: The BOM predicts high temps this week. Contributed

Hot weather intensifies, but storms on the horizon

IT MAY be the start of autumn, but that doesn't mean it's going to cool down anytime soon.

Temperatures today are predicted to reach 39C in Casino, 36C in Lismore, 31C and 33C in Byron Bay and Ballina and 31C in Casino - all roughly 6C-11C above average for March.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned the hot weather is likely to continue, with warmer than average temperatures and drier than average conditions forecast for most of eastern Australia throughout autumn.

Hopefully bringing some relief from the sweltering weather forecast this week, there is a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoons and evenings from today to Wednesday.

Lismore will stay warm tomorrow with temperatures set to reach 35C, and again 39C in Casino.

But it will be more bearable closer to the coast with temperatures in the low 30s.

Temperatures will continue to drop after tomorrow with coastal towns experiencing temperatures in the high 20s, and low 30s for Lismore, along with a medium to high chance of showers each day starting Wednesday (around 3mm-6mm forecast each day).

BoM forecaster Zhi-weng Chua said temperatures for today and tomorrow are around 37C on average for the region, but a cold front was on the way.


"There's a southerly that's working its way along the NSW coast and by mid to late morning on Wednesday it'll reach the Northern Rivers, bringing cooler temps," Mr Chua said.

"Across the region temperatures will drop to around 30C.

"The cooler temperatures will stick around from Wednesday onwards due to this southerly change.

"In terms of rainfall today we are looking at a chance of light and isolated showers, and similar again tomorrow.

"Wednesday is looking more unstable and that's when you might see a higher risk of storms, so there might be a good chance of rainfall.

"Wednesday and Thursday we might see up to a few millimetres but if there is storms around we can expect higher totals."