Record high temperatures have been recorded at Northern Rivers weather stations.
Record high temperatures have been recorded at Northern Rivers weather stations. MarianVejcik

Hottest October day since records began

WEATHER stations across the Northern Rivers have reported record high temperatures for October today.

Kyogle reached a high of 40.7C today, the previous high of 39.4C was recorded on October 20, 2012.

Lismore reached 38.5C that same year, but temperatures in the town were higher today, reaching 39.3C.

Casino reached 40.7C today, the previous highest was in 2012 at 39.4C.

Meteorologist Rosemary Barr from the Bureau of Meteorology said while these temperatures were the highest recorded at those stations, they had only been in operation since 2002.

Ms Barr said the current very high temperatures are a concern for firefighters.

She said it would remain hot for the rest of the afternoon and while clouds were forming over the Northern Rivers, they were unlikely to produce rainfall.

Ms Barr said rain may fall, but was likely to evaporate before hitting the ground.

Storms may also form, but with little rain expected, they posed a concern for firefighters due to the potential for erratic winds and dry lightning.

She said temperatures were expected to peak today before dropping to the mid 20s which was more average for this time of the year.

Windy conditions were expected to ease inland, but breezy conditions were predicted to continue on the coast tomorrow, before easing on Thursday.

A broad, cool air mass was moving across southern parts of the state and was expected to impact the Northern Rivers tomorrow.

From Wednesday, there is the chance of showers moving up the coast, moving into the Northern Rivers on Thursday.

Friday and Saturday will see a high chance of active showers.

While any rain will be welcome, it will not be a broad rain band, meaning it will be "hit and miss” where the showers fall.