A new campaign has been launched to help businesses save money on their power bills.
A new campaign has been launched to help businesses save money on their power bills. baloon111

How businesses will save $5million on power bills in 5 weeks

A STATE-WIDE campaign to help businesses save money on their energy bills has been kicked off by the NSW Business Chamber.

The organisation's Northern Rivers regional manager, Jane Laverty, said the 5in5 campaign aimed to save businesses and residents an estimated $5 million on their annual energy bills over the next five weeks.

Businesses can use the campaign's free energy comparison-and-switch service to make sure they're on the best energy plan.

Ms Laverty said the 5in5 campaign was the Chamber's response to the ongoing cry for help from small businesses.

"The Chamber's last two Business Conditions Surveys identified that 90 per cent of businesses in NSW rank affordable and reliable energy as a top concern and, when it comes to immediate cost reduction priorities, energy has been ranked as the second most important issue," she said.

"We are facing one of the most challenging times in the Australian electricity market - higher prices are placing an enormous strain on business viability and household budgets.

"The current situation is unacceptable and unsustainable.

"We've already trialled our new free comparison service and we were shocked to discover that eight out of every 10 businesses that signed up were not on the best deal.

"What's more, the average estimated saving is more than $1,800 on annual energy bills.

"We look forward to the 5in5 campaign delivering real savings to businesses and households across NSW in the lead up to Christmas."

Businesses are being encouraged to join the campaign by visiting: https://energy.nswbusinesschamber.com.au/5in5 or phone the Northern Rivers office on 5631 8509.