A snake was found stuck in a tube.
A snake was found stuck in a tube.

How did this curious snake get stuck in that tube?

A CURIOUS snake had to be rescued after it slithered into a discarded tube and got stuck.

WIRES Northern Rivers said it was one of two brown snakes that became entangled in discarded netting and tubes.

Debris such as netting and tubing can pose serious threats to not only wildlife, but also family pets.

WIRES has warned that stored, discarded and unused netting poses a problem to all wildlife, including birds, bats, frogs, water dragons, blue tongues and echidnas.

The WIRES Northern Rivers hotline receives lots of calls in spring and summer about snakes.

Many of these issues can't be resolved over the phone, and WIRES will send a snake handler to help.

Residents should not touch snakes, and children and pets should be kept well away.

WIRES tips:

  • Try clearing debris, including netting from around your home, and keep grass mowed
  • Where possible, provide an alternate water source away from your home
  • If a snake is found inside your home, block off the room by placing a towel under the door
  • If possible, open outside windows and doors so that the snake can make its own way out. If the snake is outside, leave it and it will move on
  • If you are concerned about a snake outside or inside your home, call WIRES any time who will provide advice for your specific situation and will come to help you if required.

The 24-hour hotline for WIRES Northern Rivers is 6628 1898. The website is www.wiresnr.org.