The last flight the office drone filmed before it found its watery grave.
The last flight the office drone filmed before it found its watery grave. Jasmine Burke

How I crashed the work drone into the river

'HOW I told my boss I crashed the work drone' - there's a sentence I never wanted to write for thousands (of dollars) of reasons.

"So you lost the drone," my boss said, after kindly offering me a savoury cracker for my troubles.

I quickly tried to make it sound better - "Oh no I didn't lose it, I've got it...but it's just a bit wet."

I wasn't even doing anything impressive as I am a drone cadet, so no figure-loops or even just flying it straight line, just trying to land it after it randomly got a bit jerky when it lifted off - and slowly at that.

But the drone had another idea, and a nightmare scenario played out before my took a swim in the river.

As it approached the ground during my landing attempt it took off away from me over the river at a rapid pace I've never even tried to fly it at. A few touches on the controller weren't helping the wildly sporadic movements it was making on its own.

"What's happening?" I was repeatedly saying (a bit hysterically) to my colleague beside me as I watched it fang down the river like a mad blow fly.

I was thankful that after 40 seconds-ish it made a sharp left and landed in the shrub in the river bank. It was a river I didn't particularly want to take a swim in seeing as it's highly polluted.

As I was crawling on hands and knees through thick shrubbery trying to get to the bank with large lizards darting around I was even thinking 'I don't care if a snake gets me'.

All I wanted was my drone, back in it's protective case nice and dry like nothing ever happened.

But a few minutes later it was in my hands with water pouring out of all the crevasses.

The drive back to the office was a dark one.

And no, I didn't put it in rice.

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