See the Northern Rivers' long-term figures compared to 2018.
See the Northern Rivers' long-term figures compared to 2018. Matthew Purcell

How much rain fell in 2018 compared to past years

LAST year brought warm, dry weather to the Northern Rivers for the majority of the year with rainfall totals generally down across the region compared to all years of recorded data.

The long periods of dry weather saw extreme drought conditions which are still occurring and bush fire season start early.

Dry conditions moved aside temporarily in September and October for some locations when the desperately-needed downpours came which saw some town's monthly rainfall records broken.

Ballina recorded 281mm of rain in September - the highest in 12 years, compared to 46mm of rain the previous month of August.

Unfortunately we may not see soggy ground yet as the Bureau of Meteorology's Summer Climate Outlook for January to March predicts drier than average conditions for the eastern mainland.

Annual rainfall totals for 2018:

Lismore: 949.8 mm

This is down 288.3mm from the mean totals (average) of 1238.1mm.

Ballina Airport: 1649.2 mm

This is down 155.5mm from the average of 1804.7mm.

Cape Byron: 1327.5 mm

Down 190.9mm from the average 1518.4mm.

Casino Airport: 938.0 mm

Down 161.1mm from the average of 1099.1mm.