BEHIND THE WHEEL: Barbara Brown drives for both Uber and Uber Eats.
BEHIND THE WHEEL: Barbara Brown drives for both Uber and Uber Eats. Rob Williams

How our appetite for Uber Eats has grown since it launched

IN HER 50s and having been made redundant from her job as a bookkeeper, grandmother Belinda Brown found herself at a crossroad.

"I thought now at my age what will I do?" she said.

"I thought do something different, do something exciting."

After speaking to a friend who was a long-time Uber driver, Ms Brown decided to give it a go and hasn't looked back since.

The One Mile resident has been driving for Uber for two-and-a-half years and Uber Eats since it launched in Ipswich last year.

She started off doing it part time while working on her home-based small business but quickly went to full time as he loved being behind the wheel.

The 57-year-old drives about 50 hours a week and works towards hitting a daily financial goal before knocking off.

"I take time off when I need it," she said.

"That's the beauty of it. I can stop and have a coffee with a friend, I can do some shopping and I can have a day off if I need to with the grandchildren.

"It ticks all the boxes. I don't have to put in a leave form if i want to go somewhere. I just don't put the app on.

Ms Brown said Uber Eats in particular "went off like a rocket" when it launched in May last year.

"I think it's the variety of it," she said.

"It's not just fast food, you can get food from restaurants and more and more are joining all the time... even your little corner stores are involved. It's just one of those things that took off.

"I still have a small business at home. I can go out and just talk to people and most people are really nice. I just drive around Ipswich. Most people are lovely. I can have a chat and go home. It's that interaction with people and driving relaxes me too so that's another thing, I like to drive."

Since launching in Ipswich, Uber Eats capital cities lead Luke Mulholland said the service had grown at an "impressive rate".

He could not reveal how many local Uber Eats drivers have signed up or how many local partners have come on board.

"We've been incredibly encouraged by the uptake from local eaters, restaurants and delivery partners," he said.

"We're working closely with our Ipswich restaurant and delivery partners to continually improve the offering and we're happy to see that is producing results, as it is one of the highest performing of all Brisbane's outer suburbs.

"We're proud to offer families in the area a wide selection of restaurants and cuisines and a low average delivery time of under 30 minutes.

"We're looking forward to continuing to work hard to bring even more food choice to residents here.

"We know from feedback from Queenslanders that there are more great restaurants to include on Uber Eats and we would welcome those eateries to the more than one million course options currently available on the platform."

How Uber Eats has grown

SINCE launching in the middle of last year, there has been an obvious hunger for Uber Eats but some Ipswich residents might still not be satisfied.

The app's delivery zone has expanded since May last year and the range of eateries available to purchase food has exploded.

Only 15 restaurants, cafes and fast food joints appeared on the Uber Eats app when it began but that list has ballooned to more than 50.

The long list of choices includes: Hog's Australia's Steakhouse, SCOOPYS AHOY, Montezuma's, McDonald's, Carl's Jr, Sunshine Kebabs, Nando's, Noodle Box, Subway, Burrito Bar, Noodle City, Zambrero, Pizza Hut, Baskin Robbins, The Coffee Club, RASHAYS, Bucking Bull, Fish Depot, Punjab Curry Club, Fourthchild, Churchill Take Away, Birdies Chicken and Burgers, Indian Flavor, Boost Juice, Ungermann Brothers, Ahmet Kebab House, Golden Fried Chicken, Bhalla's Indian Restaurant, Delhi Junction, Getta Burger, Burrito Bar, Red Rooster, Pizza Capers, Pizza House, Pizza Jam, Ann's Pizza and Café, Mozzarella Fella Pizzeria, Mihi Tavern, Royal Bengal Indian Restaurant, Silkstone Store, Thai On Ipswich, Brassall Seafood and Takeaway, Brodies Chicken and Burgers, Shaun's Chicken and Takeaway, Ruby Chews Burgers and Shakes, Asian Delicacies, Fancy Fish, Mr Lin Noodle Bar and more.

Moves have been made to expand the delivery zone to include more parts of Deebing Heights, Ripley, Redbank Plains, Purga, Amberley, Brassall and more since the service launched.

There are still many parts of Ipswich missing out with a large section of no man's land until you reach Toowoomba.


Uber Eats map Ipswich May 2018.
Uber Eats map Ipswich May 2018.
Uber Eats map Ipswich September 2019
Uber Eats map Ipswich September 2019