YOUR SAY: Howzat for a test idea, by the living daylights!

CRICKET Australia got it wrong by allocating the first ever night test to Adelaide instead of Brisbane.

By refusing to have daylight saving, the Sunshine state is in the dark a good hour before any other state.

Therefore, this makes Brisbane the prime candidate for hosting night cricket.

I do rejoice at the thought that if there was ever going to be a morning cricket test, then Brisbane would no doubt be the obvious choice.

With no daylight saving, Brisbane has daylight from 4.15 in the morning. We could start the morning test at 4.30am and it would be all over by 11.30am just before the heat of the day.

Lunch break could be changed to breakfast, and tea could become smoko.

How's that?

Jokes aside, wasting that precious early morning daylight when most people are still in bed is such a shame.

Come on Queensland, move on with the times and switch to daylight saving.

DOM MASSONI, Verrierdale