Huge rise in pre-polling across Lismore

A HUGE turnout in pre-poll voting is keeping scrutineers busy.

Across the Lismore electorate 11-12,000 people cast their vote at a pre-polling station before Saturday.

In an electorate with 53,780 enrolled voters, that's a big slice of the polling pie.

Greens scrutineer coordinator Tim Somerville said the NSW Electoral Commission has made it easier for people to vote early by no longer requiring them to have a valid reason for voting before the official polling day.

"You used to have to give a statutory declaration. You don't even have to give a reason now. In most cases they didn't even ask; you could just walk in and vote," he said.

There were also 2578 i-votes in Lismore and a similar number in Ballina (2815).

i-Vote is a remote online or phone voting system that was introduced in 2011.

Initially it was introduced for people who are blind or have low vision to cast their vote, but has been broadened for electors who have reading difficulties or other disabilities, live more than 20km from a polling place, or those people from interstate or overseas.