Broadcaster Derryn Hinch will be a speaker at the Hemposium at the 24th Nimbin Mardigrass next weekend.
Broadcaster Derryn Hinch will be a speaker at the Hemposium at the 24th Nimbin Mardigrass next weekend.

‘Human headline’ Derryn Hinch to speak at Mardigrass

CONTROVERSIAL broadcaster Derryn Hinch will make a special guest appearance at the 24th Nimbin Mardigrass next weekend.

'The Human Headline', as he is known, has registered the Derryn Hinch's Justice Party, as he dips his toe into politics at the upcoming federal election.

On Saturday from 6pm at the Nimbin Town Hall Hemposium, Mr Hinch will be joined by other politicians including the Greens David Shoebridge and Andrew Kavasilas for a discussion on 'How to achieve cannabis law reform through legislation (or not)' hosted by Lismore solicitor Steve Bolt.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • What's holding us back?
  • How do we really change the laws?
  • What do we hope to achieve?
  • Is the political process an effective way to achieve cannabis law reform?

Nimbin Hemp Embassy President Michael Balderstone Mr Hinch was coming to Mardigrass for the first time to learn about medical cannabis.

"He's always on the side of the down trodden and I think he's one of those guys who's waking up to the fact that the hippies mightn't be mad after-all, that this could be a good herb," he said.

"He didn't really particularly want to talk at Mardigrass, although he's on the political panel on Saturday night at the Hemposium.

"He said he's coming to listen and learn, which will be good."

Hemp Party secretary Andrew Kavasilas was the key in luring Mr Hinch to Mardigrass.

"Andrew Kavasilas had a connection with him, knew him and asked him and he agreed," Mr Balderstone said.

Mr Balderstone said he hoped Mr Hinch would participate in the Hemp Olympics.

"I really hope he would go in either the growers ironperson event or the bong throwing," he said.

"It would be good to have him in the Hemp Olympics and it will be good to have him here."

Mr Hinch says he is confident of winning the Victorian Motoring Enthusiast Party senate seat currently held by Ricky Muir.

Mr Hinch was the host of 3AW's Drive radio show until December 2012 and he is currently a National Public Affairs commentator for the Seven Network on Sunday Night, Today Tonight and Sunrise.

He has also been a police reporter, foreign correspondent, newspaper editor, television show host, actor, novelist and vintner.