Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett.
Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett. kari robinson

Hundreds of arrests made in two-day police crackdown

HUNDREDS of Australians have been arrested and thousands of charges laid in a two-day police crackdown on alcohol related violence.

Operation Unite kicked off its sixth year on Friday across all states and territories with police targeting night hot spots.

In Queensland, police laid 441 charges.

Almost 120 people were arrested for getting behind the wheel drunk and 28 people arrested for assault offences.

Licensed establishments did not go unnoticed either with police dishing out 912 licensing breaches.

"Alcohol misuse, violence and anti-social behaviour is a problem that affects the entire community," Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett said.

"People need to think about their own behaviour and start drinking in moderation.

"We all have choices and need to take responsibility for our actions."

In NSW, the number of charges laid was almost double its northerly neighbour with police arresting 548 people and handing out 966 charges.

One offender caught included a man in Ballina who assaulted a police officer after being kicked out of a pub.

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas said there were more arrests this year than during the same operation last year.

"Despite the community's best efforts to curb alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour, it's clear some people just aren't getting the message," he said.

Police seized 21 cars in Western Australia for traffic related offences and charged 289 people with offences in Perth alone on Saturday night.

Police nabbed one hotel in South Australia for having all of its exits blocked despite it being warned about safety issues in the past.

"It is a public safety risk with the potential for tragic consequences particularly when fire exits are blocked," Operation Unite Commander Assistant Commissioner Bronwyn Killmier said.

Operation Unite results in the ACT, Victoria and the Northern Territory had not been released on Sunday.