Dailan Pugh.

Hunters may shoot in 94% of parks

SHOOTERS will not be limited to 10% of NSW's 799 national parks, nature reserves and state conservation areas, but to 94% of them, according to the North East Forest Alliance's Dailan Pugh.

He said premier Barry O'Farrell had deliberately misled the people of NSW by claiming that his back-flip on allowing amateur shooters into national parks was limited to 10% of parks.

The Shooters Party's Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2012 was introduced into the NSW Legislative Council last Thursday and is due to be debated this week. It is expected to pass.

"The Bill allows amateur shooting in all national parks, except for 48 listed parks and reserves around Sydney and those parts of parks that are declared wildernesses or declared world heritage," Mr Pugh said.

"It will be up to the environment minister to agree to whatever the Shooters Party wants - a purely political decision.

"The bill will also make it illegal to interfere with the hunting of game animals on any public lands. While this is intended to remove people's right to protest, it can apply to anyone who happens to be in an area where they want to hunt."

In April last year Barry O'Farrell said "there will not be a decision to turn our national parks into hunting reserves".

"Premier O'Farrell's claim that shooting in national parks would be limited to supervised feral animal control programs is also not reflected in the bill. Once approved by the Minister it is open season," Mr Pugh said.