Preschool students and parents, first day of school
Preschool students and parents, first day of school

Hypocrisy reaches new low as preppie parents banned

The hypocrisy of this arrogant Labor Government has reached a new low, with little preppies and their parents now expected to swallow its hollow "health advice" defence in lieu of common sense and compassion.

The start of the 2021 school year is, laughably, three months away, but already Education Queensland schools have banned mums and dads from the memorable first-day drop off as the COVID-19 scare mongering that handed Annastacia Palaszczuk a third term continues.

It's totally fine to have 30,000 fans in a football stadium and zero social distancing practised as they stream in and out.

It's no biggie to allow mass civil disobedience as protests are permitted to go ahead.

And if you're a celebrity or rich enough to matter, you needn't worry because you're guaranteed special treatment with quarantining.

But for ordinary mums and dads whose child is one of around 30 - I repeat, 30 - in a class, they aren't allowed onto school grounds? Please.

Parents of schools behaving all militant while COVID-19 cases are nil or negligible should demand of principals to produce this oft-quoted "health advice".

They should insist that schools get creative - big ask, I know - in modifying the traditional drop-offs so they can go ahead with appropriate social distancing.

Education Minister Grace Grace's response is to deflect responsibility and take a swipe at the LNP for calling out her government's hypocrisy.

How about reining in state schools peddling this parent-ban nonsense, Minister?

Parenting advisor Dr Justin Coulson says the first day of school is "potentially stressful and research tells us clearly that during times of stress support must increase".

This would suggest kids have more time with their parents before "handover", not less.

Not all children will fret on the first day - and neither will all parents at the proverbial cutting of apron strings - but they all deserve the chance to fulfil what has understandably become a rite of passage.