Tony Perrett, Llew O'Brien, Scott Morrisson and Donald Trump
Tony Perrett, Llew O'Brien, Scott Morrisson and Donald Trump

Hypocrisy, thy name is conservative!


HAVE we reached peak hypocrisy yet?

This week US President Trump made a statement completely at odds with everything his country has stood for since WW2.

As is often the case with a man renowned for telling 'falsehoods' at a rate variously estimated as between 6 and 23 per day, his claim that the future belongs to patriots, not globalists, is about as hollow as any could get.

This is after all a man who recently wanted to buy Greenland, and had one of his common dummy spits when the Greenlanders and the Danes, who's territory it is, didn't play along.

This is one who's polluted much of the world with Trump towers and golf courses with little care for local inhabitants or their environment.

He's leader of a country with nearly 800 military bases in 70 countries and which is Australia's largest overseas investor.

That all sounds pretty global to me, as do his regular threats and his strong support of chosen friends in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Our PM, busy playing sycophant to Trump and risking our biggest trade arrangements in the process, recently berated corporate leaders for publicly announcing their views on social and environmental issues while willingly adopting the mantras of his chosen ones, whose views and actions suit his agenda.

He's coupled his yet to have any substance 'plan' to deal with plastic waste to Andrew Forest's ideas, as he's done with the cashless welfare card.

The latter comes at huge cost, incidentally being paid to a company until recently chaired by federal National Party president Larry Anthony, and which is owned by members of the Liberal and National Parties.

In short, business leaders who differ should be silent but those who favour his views will have their's heard, and will be rewarded.

More locally, our State MP Tony Perrett recently claimed that Mary River farmers should remain exempt from reef run-off laws as it doesn't affect the reef, while in March of this year his federal counterpart Llew O'Brien, of the same party, was crowing loudly about the $646,000 of funding he secured to help local farmers lessen such run-off, on to the same reef.

Are there inconsistencies here?

While I will never silently stand accused of being a fan of the other side of politics I can't help but notice that all of the above are of one political slant. Hypocrisy, thy name is conservative!

Dave Freeman

Cedar Pocket