‘I couldn’t have found a better job’: Life changing turnaround

Dominic ‘Dom’ Gray was a labourer for most his working life, but due to injuries that had accumulated over time, he could no longer work in this field and became unemployed.

Mr Gray approached Centrelink for help and was placed onto a Disability Support Pension (DSP).

“Despite my injury, I was keen to get back into the workforce – I didn’t want the DSP to be my way of income,” he said.

“I can’t just sit around, I have to be doing something and I’d rather be out there ‘making the bread’, so to speak. Plus, I’ve just recently become a father and would love to be a good role model for my son.”

The Ballina resident was referred to Disability Employment Service provider ETC for support, where he met disability team leader Jeanine Cusack.

“When Dom first came to us, he had a shoulder injury, was suffering from bipolar and had some instability around his housing,” she said.

“We began working with Dom to find employment that best suited his capabilities and in return, help with his personal life also.

“He was very persistent, brought a lot of energy and motivation with him. He applied for lots of jobs and although wasn’t successful for many, he just kept on trying.”

After undertaking various training programs with ETC, Mr Gray felt more confident and equipped with the skills to approach local employers.

“They helped me to understand the interview process, how to present myself and the right code of conduct,” he said.

“They managed to get me an interview with Mr Minnit at Ballina Fair and I was successful for the job. They even helped me with a uniform for my new workplace,” Dom said.

The Ballina man said he was very happy in his new role.

“Every day I learn something new and I’m absolutely loving it. I couldn’t have found a better job to be honest,” he said.

For further information about ETC’s Disability Employment Services contact 1800 007 400 or visit their website.