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Kevin Hogan, Justine Elliot have their say on 'yes' vote

Update 12.10pm: THERE is no longer any conjecture around where the Australian people sit in relation to the same sex marriage question, according to Page MP Kevin Hogan.

Although when the 'yes' result was announced he was at a pre-arranged function in a local shopping centre, launching the Salvation Army's K-mart Christmas appeal, he was happy to discuss the issue later.

"There's two points I would like to make, one is, I'm really pleased there was a great turn-out, over 80 per cent of the population voted," he said.

"I think that's fantastic that's more than a lot of people that vote in some elections in countries around the world who don't have compulsory voting, their turn outs can be quite low so the Australian people embraced this process and said we're happy to participate.

"I think it's great too that the decision is definitive.

"A lot of people turned out, the vote is definitive but also I'm pleased that we did this because … if 150 politicians had just gone in one day and voted on this in parliament without this postal survey there would have still been a lot of discussion about weather that was right or not.

"But I think the gay community can now feel a lot of validity behind the decision that's been made because the Australian people have spoken, not politicians, the people have spoken."


Original story 11.30am: DESPITE the fact that the Labor Party did not want to have the same sex marriage survey, Richmond MP Justine Elliot says they are fully on-board and celebrating the result.

"We thought it was a very expensive waste of time $122 million, it should have been before the parliament a long time ago but once the survey was announced we campaigned for it very strongly and it's great to see such a powerful message and a wonderful result today," she said.

Ms Elliot watched the results announced in her office with a number of people.

"Look I was just so excited when we saw the results come through. Today is a day of great celebration.

"I think as a nation we can really celebrate our approach to fairness and equality and we sent a very powerful message, and the most powerful message of course is that love wins, and it is a great result nationally and of course in the Richmond electorate we returned a 'yes' vote of 67.9%," she said.

But the real question is where to next?

"From where we sit now, we now, we have to see it going through the parliament," Ms Elliot said.

"I hope that the bill is put through the Senate either today or tomorrow and then comes back to the house of representatives and we sit the week after next.

"I'd like to see it legislated in the parliament and have marriage equality law by then end of the year. I hope that's the case.

"I think everyone has friends and family who are impacted by this, a lot of local constituents, this is an issue that people have raised with me on many occasions over many years. It's an issue of human rights and about fairness, we need to have equality.

"I also think it's really important that all of us as community leaders send a very strong, clear message to all those LGBTI peoples in our community that we support you, particularly those younger people. We want to send a clear message to them that we support them, we value them, we value their relationships."