Temperatures are set to plummet.
Temperatures are set to plummet.

ICE-COLD: Temps tipped to plummet

TEMPERATURES across the North Coast are set to plummet this weekend as the state sets up to cop its first blast of winter cold.

By the weekend a flow of icy south-westerly winds will pull cold air up to the North Coast from southern areas.

This was due to an intense low pressure system presently passing over Tasmania which was set to impact the southern NSW coastline.

The centre of the system was expected to cross Tasmania today before moving out into the Tasman Sea throughout the weekend.

The Bureau of Meteorology said: "Winds will turn west to north-westerly today ahead of a late southerly change on the south coast associated with a cold front and a low moving over the southwestern Tasman Sea."

"The low is expected to deepen during Friday bringing vigorous south to south-westerly winds."

Higgins Storm Chasing (HSC) said "the Super Low" was "moving North East over VIC and TAS towards NSW".

"The system was then expected to strengthen as it moves over NSW on Friday and lingers into Saturday, bringing three days of severe weather, mostly in the form of snow to TAS, VIC and NSW."

HSC coined the term "super low" and said they believed it to be fitting of the system "as not every upper level low is this cold (and) it helps separate the normal from the abnormal".

"The low pressure system needs to be an upper level low and not a cold front," HSC said.

BoM has issued a strong wind warning for the Byron and Coffs coasts tomorrow.

Across the state temperatures are expected to be well below the average maximum and minimum for the month of May - on at least one, if not two - days of the forecast period.

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Northern Rivers

Weekend minimum temperatures are set to drop around 7C below average in Byron as the low brings the cold.

Byron Bay and Ballina can expect overnight temperatures falling to between 10 and 13 tomorrow with daytime temperatures reaching between 19 and 22.

For the weekend - overnight temperatures falling to around 8C (approximately 4C below average for Ballina and 7C below average in Byron for May) with daytime temperatures reaching the low 20s.

Average minimum temperatures for Byron Bay in May sit at 15C, and 12.1C in Ballina.

Wind speeds could reach up to 50km/h off the Byron coast tomorrow.

Minimum temperatures for Lismore tomorrow are forecast as a cool 11C, dropping again to 7C on Saturday and sitting around 9C to 10C from Sunday onwards.

The average minimum temperature for Lismore in May was recorded by BoM as 10.9C and 22.6C was the average maximum.

Maximum temperatures for Lismore over the weekend are forecast in the low 20s.


Overnight temperatures tomorrow are forecast to fall between 10C and 13C with daytime temperatures reaching between 19C and 22C - with the average maximum sitting at 23C.

Again the lowest maximum will be on Saturday where it's expected temperatures will reach 22 degrees, and 8C at minimum - at least 2.4C below the average May minimum.

Coffs Harbour

BoM said the low was expected to deepen during Friday bringing vigorous south to south-westerly winds to the Coffs region.

"Surf conditions may be more powerful than they appear and are expected to be hazardous for coastal activities such as rock fishing and swimming," BoM said.

While the sun will most likely be shining, maximum temperatures are unlikely to reach beyond 21C tomorrow and Saturday.

Minimum overnight temperatures are forecast to drop to 11C tomorrow and 10C Saturday.

Sunday will be slightly warmer with a minimum of 12C and maximum of 23C.