Lowood man Leonard Keith Davis has been sentenced for drugs and weapons offences.
Lowood man Leonard Keith Davis has been sentenced for drugs and weapons offences. Facebook

'If you want to live any life, get off the drugs'

A LOWOOD man has been urged to think of his son and get off drugs or face a lifetime behind bars.

Leonard Keith Davis, 31, has spent most of his adult life in and out of court because of his drug problem.

On Friday, he pleaded guilty at Brisbane District Court to possessing meth, a shotgun, ammunition and fireworks.

The court heard Davis had spent nearly a year behind bars on the charges - and was sent back to jail on unrelated charges despite being given an immediate release date.

Crown Prosecutor Mel Wilson said Davis was arrested when police raided his home and found small amounts of the drugs meth and buprenorphine as well as an unregistered shotgun and other items.

The court heard Davis was initially charged with other offences he had planned to plead not guilty to, but they were dropped. He spent 345 days in jail before being sentenced on Friday.

Ms Wilson said Davis had "served enough time in custody" on the charges and should be granted immediate release.

Davis's barrister Geoff Seeholme said Davis, a father of young son, had a long-standing drug problem that had fuelled his offending.

"He has got a drug problem, he's had a drug problem for many years," he said.

"His history is riddled with offences that show a drug problem from a very young age."

Mr Seeholme said Davis was facing robbery charges and would be sent back to jail even if he was released on these charges immediately.

Judge Paul Smith ordered Davis spend 345 days in jail and declared that time already served.

"If you want to have any life, or a long life, then you're going to have to get off (drugs)," he said.

"When you get out and see the people you used to do drugs with, just walk away from it. Don't mess with those idiots. Anyway, it's your choice.

"Mr Davis, you think about those words when you get out, and you think about your child."

Davis was remanded in custody on other charges.