Feedback from overseas and around Australia, and requests to adopt Triumph, have confirmed Lismore's Triumph is now the world's most popular celebrity.

Added to the previous title of first ever koala to receive a prosthetic limb, Triumph just keeps on adding accolades.

Not bad for a joey rescued by volunteers in Lismore after his mum died.

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Friends of the Koala manager of operations Claire Agnew said the organisation has received feedback from across Australia and overseas after the story was published.

"He, unfortunately, can't be released back to the wild, so we asked for help for the prosthetic for him, and people have been following up since then," she said.

"There has been a lot of excitement about him.

"The reaction was joyful, from everywhere.

"Funny enough we looked globally for someone to help with this, and we ended up getting help from someone here in Lismore, just around the corner."

Ms Agnew said the organisation does not get regular funding from government organisation, besides grants for specific programs.

"Anyone that can help as volunteers or with regular donations, please visit our website so we can continue caring for our koalas."