The Pocket couple Marty Reid and Bronte Chancellor have expanded their business Cowabunga Coffee to Byron Bay.
The Pocket couple Marty Reid and Bronte Chancellor have expanded their business Cowabunga Coffee to Byron Bay.

In uncertain economic times, couple expand coffee business

"FORTUNE favours the brave" are words Marty Reid is bringing to life by "having a crack" and expanding his Cowabunga Coffee business to Byron Bay.

Mr Reid successfully ran the Cowabunga Coffee cart solo at festivals and events for several years, but early last year he and his partner Bronte Chancellor decided to open the cart permanently at Billinudgel.

While being slightly put off by the current business climate, The Pocket residents bit the bullet and opened another cart in Byron Bay over the weekend.

"I'd been planning to expand for a while," Mr Reid said

"I had another cart built for doing events and the festival circuits and thought it would be cool to get it in a permanent location while we weren't working those events."

Mr Reid said after "changing his mind literally a thousand times," he decided to dive in, despite the chaos.

"If we can weather the storm, I'm confident it will gain traction and it will be well received," he said.

"Obviously, it's a very uncertain time but you don't know unless you try.

"If the opportunity to grow or expand or develop is there than take the opportunity."

He said, so far, the Byron customers had been "stoked" and the couple had already identified some regulars.

The Cowabunga Coffee carts offers premium coffee blends from The Branches at Mullumbimby.

"The Billinudgel cart has a treat cabinet with home-made snacks, muffins and quiches and sweet treats," he said.

"The treats will come to Byron soon, but for now we also offer Kombucha and nitro cold brew coffee on tap and some caffeine-free alternatives, and superfood lattes from the Stardust company such as a beetroot acai or a turmeric ginger.

He said business had been going surprisingly well at their Billinudgel location since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the North Coast.

"When the shit hit the fan, we noticed things dropped off for a period of time," Mr Reid said.

"But we hung in there and things picked back up and, amazingly, we are seeing above-average figures now.

"People are still stoked to be able to go and get a coffee somewhere.

"We've seen a really positive response from people."

Find Cowabunga Coffee carts at 2/1 Bonanza Dr, Billinudgel, from 6.30am-12.30pm and at 4/2 Acacia St in the Byron Bay industrial estate from 7.30am to 2pm.