Inquiry into ‘broken’ Family Court may finally happen


THE Federal Government will today announce it will launch a thorough inquiry onto the Family Court after intense lobbying by One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson.

Attorney-General Christian Porter is expected to make the announcement.

The joint Parliamentary inquiry, to be chaired by former social services minister Kevin Andrews, will put a blowtorch under the family law system, which has been declared "broken" by Senator Hanson.

The issue is one of the most common and emotive issues raised with MPs.

It is likely the high-cost of lawyers' fees will be put under the microscope, along with how child support payments are calculated.

Some separated men feel aggrieved by the system and believe it favours women.


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Senator Hanson has been an ongoing figure in the attacks on the Family Court

Last week, The Courier-Mail revealed Senator Hanson was pressuring Mr Morrison for an inquiry. She said the Family Court needed be overhauled.

"I hear daily complaints from non-custodial parents, who are predominantly men, tell me that they are being fleeced by their former partners who often deny access to the child, yet reap large proportions of their former partners before-tax earnings, who never fully benefit the child," Senator Hanson said.

Senator Hanson was hurt and unimpressed with the Prime Minister for preferencing against One Nation in this year's election campaign.

It is understood the Government is trying to rebuild a relationship with One Nation.