Inside Joe Biden’s future cabinet and key players


One thing is for sure: Joe Biden's Cabinet will look nothing like Donald Trump's.

The President-Elect has been upfront about wanting a diverse circle of people around him - even potentially including some Republicans.

Here are some of the people we could be seeing a lot more of during a Biden administration.


Michele Flournoy is considered a frontrunner for the position of Secretary of Defence. A former under-secretary in the department, she would be the first woman appointed to the role.


Former national security adviser Susan Rice is a likely pick for this role, but her nomination could be blocked by the Republican-dominated Senate.


Chris Coons, a senator from Biden's home state of Delaware, is considered another possibility, as is William Burns, who was deputy Secretary of State in the Obama administration.


Federal Reserve governor Lael Brainard is considered a strong compromise candidate, given Senator Elizabeth Warren (another option) would likely be blocked by the Senate. Brainard would be the first woman to head up the department.


Long-time Biden ally Doug Jones, currently a Senator for Alabama, is one possibility for Justice Secretary.

Other contenders include Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, as well as Sally Yates, who served under Obama but was one of Trump's first firings.




To smooth the nominations process and to reach out across the aisle, it is thought that Biden will seriously consider installing some Republican figures in key roles, and many believe former eBay CEO Meg Whitman could be a serious proposition for Commerce Secretary.

Investment specialist Mellody Hobson - who is incidentally married to Star Wars creator George Lucas - has also been linked to the role.


Vivek Murthy, a former surgeon general under Obama, could be in line for this role or a specially-created COVID-19 taskforce position.

Michelle Lujan Grisham, currently governor of New Mexico, is another possibility.

Vivek Hallegere Murthy is a likely health and human services pick for Joe Biden’s new team. Picture: supplied
Vivek Hallegere Murthy is a likely health and human services pick for Joe Biden’s new team. Picture: supplied



President Obama's Energy secretary Ernest Moniz could step back into his old role under Biden.

Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, who served as deputy energy secretary in Obama's second term, has also been touted.


White House watchers believe Ron Klain, who served as chief of staff during Biden's vice-presidency, will assume the all-important Chief of Staff role once Biden is inaugurated.

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