It's Missing Persons Week, so we take a look at the cases that rocked the Northern Rivers.
It's Missing Persons Week, so we take a look at the cases that rocked the Northern Rivers. Contributed

6 mysteries that still haunt the Northern Rivers

THEY are the innocuous faces with a potentially harrowing back story.

This week, starting today, is National Missing Persons Week, a campaign run by the Australian Federal Police to raise awareness and provide leads for those missing - often on the fringes of society.

According to records, there are six people who were last seen in our immediate region -- can you help find them?

Theo Hayez

Last seen outside Cheeky Monkeys Bar in Byron Bay on May 31, 2019.

18 years old, Theo is a Belgian backpacker and the investigation is active and ongoing.

Ellen Wilson

Last seen in Ballina, September 11 2015.

Born in 1961, Ellen would be 58 now.

Michael Endres

Last seen at the Evans Head Marina, September 12 2014.

Born in 1969, Michael would be 50 now.

Jeffrey Neville

Last seen in the Mullumbimby area, December 13 1993.

Born in 1954, Jeffrey would be 64 now.

Bronwyn Winfield

Last seen in Lennox Head, May 16 1993.

Born in 1962, Bronwyn would be 57 now.

There is a $100,000 reward offered.

Malcolm Briggs

Last seen in Mullumbimby, January 1 1975.

Born in 1938, Malcolm would be 81 now.

The website is a haunting collage of missing persons, and is a journey through time and Australia.

From the clothes they wore, to distinguishing features and smiling faces, the Missing Persons site forces the reader to empathise.

All have family, friends and loved ones missing them, and all just didn't disappear in a puff of smoke - something happened.

Throughout the week, The Northern Star will provide profiles on each of these six missing people from the region, and interviews with law enforcement and other experts, in an attempt to shine a humanised light on those who may not have been seen for upwards of 40 years.