In this age of waste reduction, is it ok to replace an entire kitchen just because you don't like the colour?
In this age of waste reduction, is it ok to replace an entire kitchen just because you don't like the colour? AndreyPopov

Is it ok to ditch a kitchen just because it's ugly?

AT THE moment I am wrestling with the idea of a new kitchen.

The beach house I bought in 2015 ticks the top three boxes in the real estate world's list of desirables - position, position and position. A short, level stroll to a stunning beach at the end of the street, which also happens to be a cul-de-sac - so not too much traffic. The only significant drawback is being surrounded by yapping dogs, so I'd have to say I am fairly lucky, really. Although I'm convinced Wally-over-the-side-fence, a feisty little Jack Russell with a super-tuned sense of hearing and a nasty disposition, would eat me if I fell into his yard.

Inside is another story; it's a tiny cottage designed in the 80s, a decade best forgotten in terms of architecture and interior design (or haircuts and fashion, for that matter).

I had the red acrylic tub ripped out weeks after I moved in; it brought to mind the shower scene in Psycho every time I lit scented candles and prepared for a bubble bath. Hardly conducive to a relaxation session.

Now the kitchen is another kettle of fish. It's still perfectly functional, apart from a namby-pamby unvented range hood that very efficiently recirculates cooking smells right throughout the whole house (it's just as well I'm not actually cooking that kettle of fish). But, while laminate bench tops the exact hue of a Granny Smith apple would never have been my choice, they work as they should. Ditto the lurid orange knotty-pine laminate of the kitchen cabinets. A ghastly combination, but everything is located for maximum efficiency, really. Hence my dilemma.

I'm trying very hard to reduce waste these days, as I've mentioned previously in this column. I haven't used cling wrap for six months, or plastic shopping bags for several years. How, then, can I justify throwing out an entire kitchen because I don't like the colour?

And that's just the beginning; the benches are also sporting a snazzy faux-leather texture. Now why anyone would want a leather counter top is beyond me, frankly.

Now, I'm the first to admit I'm no industrial designer. But a leather fridge?