Norco stock photo
Norco stock photo

Is the virus outbreak impacting Norco?

ONE of the region’s largest employers has the luxury of keeping on all of its staff amid the coronavirus economic gloom.

While many local business owners have been forced to shut down, and have heartbreaking severance conversations with their staff, Norco is operating as per usual.

Norco, which runs from South Lismore, may even be hiring casual staff in the coming weeks to keep up to speed with demand.

“We are seeing an increase in demand for our products, as we respond to the significant uplift in consumer spending over the last three weeks,” Norco CEO Michael Hampson said.

“We have seen an increase in demand for our fresh milk from our supermarket customers, which we have been able to supply.”

Supermarkets recently set limits on the number of long-life milk purchases, because customers were stockpiling this along with other products.

Mr Hampson said at this stage there is plenty of fresh milk to go around, and this product is not under threat.

“At this stage our facilities are all fully operational,” he said.

“Our farmers are milking cows twice a day to ensure that we have fresh milk for our customers.”

He said they were able to undertake social distancing measures at the factory.

“Operating food grade facilities sees us work within a very high hygiene regime,” Mr Hampson said.

“Our teams are also very experienced and have been operating in this high hygiene environment for many years, which makes them well placed to operate in through this period.”