What’s the truth about plane phone bans?
What’s the truth about plane phone bans?

Real reason you can’t use your phone on planes

PLANES are one of the final few places where human beings can't scroll through Facebook, chat with a friend or binge on Netflix to their hearts' content.

Airlines are still banning the use of mobiles, apart from those on aeroplane mode or when there is in-flight Wi-Fi.

Until now, the blame has been placed on safety - because the signal from a phone could interfere with the pilots' equipment, The Sun reports.

But it turns out, it might be more to do with the fact that airlines realise that 200 people jabbering on their mobiles in close quarters could lead to frayed tempers in the skies.

Patrick Smith - an American airline pilot and the founder of Askthepilot.com told Wales Online: "It's unlikely that a mobile phone can cause problems in the cockpit, particularly on modern aircraft where components are, by design, carefully shielded, but it's not impossible.

"Ultimately, though, the phone thing is more of a social issue rather than a technological one - that is, do you really want to be sitting on an aeroplane listening to 200 people chatting away simultaneously?"

It’s for your own good …
It’s for your own good …


He continued: "It's possible that airlines are using the mere possibility of technical complications as a means of avoiding the social implications of allowing cellular conversations on planes.

"The minute regulators say that phones are safe, a percentage of flyers will demand the right to use them, pitting one angry group of travellers against another."

EasyJet pilot Chris Foster echoes the opinion that there is no reason passengers should switch off these days, because technology is far more advanced.

He told the Liverpool Echo: "(It is) in reality, nothing to be concerned about. Aircraft control systems are so sophisticated now that they wouldn't cause any interference

"The regulations date back many years to when we didn't even have things like iPads."

The pilot is sceptical about the ban.
The pilot is sceptical about the ban.

In fact, the rule is now so pointless that Chris reckons it could soon be reversed.

It hasn't happened yet though - and last June a flight attendant kicked eight passengers off a plane for giving her "attitude" after one failed to activate her phone's flight mode.


This originally appeared on The Sun and is reproduced with permission.