Rage in Gaza
Rage in Gaza

Israel evil? But what would you have done?

Yes, Israel looks monstrous for shooting dead about 60 Palestinians who were threatening to tear down the fence along its border with Gaza.

But there is one profound moral difference between the men and women defending Israel and the protesting class now damning them as war criminals.

Israel's guardians must answer the question their Leftist haters won't: yes, but what would you do? What would you do if you had their responsibility to protect? Most Twitter activists don't have that kind of responsibility, and don't even try to put themselves in the shoes of those who do.

They lack that moral seriousness that comes with making decisions that have real-world consequences. Theirs is the luxury of irresponsibility, which rots their ability to be morally serious.

Here is the question they won't answer, in various permutations.

What would you do if tens of thousands of Gazans mustered along your border, threatening to tear down the fence? 

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