The Alstonville bypass intersection has been the scene of numerous incidents.
The Alstonville bypass intersection has been the scene of numerous incidents. Marc Stapelberg

People hate new bypass rule, and it hasn't even started yet

IT DOESN'T officially come into effect until 3pm today, but local residents already hate the new road rule at Alstonville.

Between 3pm and 6pm, drivers will not be able to turn right from Ballina Rd onto the Bruxner Highway.

The decision was made in an effort to reduce the number of serious crashes - including fatalities - which have occurred at the bypass' dangerous intersection.

Posting in the comments section on The Northern Star's story, Macadamia of Dalwood wrote: "Now we are back to clogging up the town at school time. Brilliant work RMS."

JONC101, of Ballina, wrote: "Another waste of money! People living at that top end of Alstonville have to now drive back through town to get onto the Lismore road.

"Wasn't that what the bypass was meant to deal with?

"Let's face it, it's not the intersection that's dangerous any more than countless other intersections, it's the drivers who are dangerous.

"Late afternoon accidents are probably more to do with drivers being tired or drunk than the direction of the sun."

And the feedback is similar on the Star's Facebook page.

Helen McNiven: "One of the arguments for the bypass was the congestion at school times and the safety of the children. Increasing the traffic flow through town again is not the solution."

Alicia Garam: "This step is very inconvenient and will cause traffic buildup at other intersections which are also hotspots. We need a roundabout there, no question."

Craig Johnson: "Design the road properly to begin with."

But Pauline Ryan Scott wrote: "I always use Kays Lane, never make right hand turns at either intersections."

And Helen Robinson said: "I think right turns should be banned there at all times."