SNAPPED: Constables Rhys Golinksi and Rhys Everitt from Kingaroy Police pose to raise awareness for road safety week.
SNAPPED: Constables Rhys Golinksi and Rhys Everitt from Kingaroy Police pose to raise awareness for road safety week. Matt Collins

'It was the church wine': Dumb excuses cops hear

QUEENSLAND Police do a great job of keeping our roads safe, but it isn't without the occasional eye roll.

Police officers get some truly ridiculous excuses from drivers who are not sticking to road rules.

This week is Queensland Road Safety week and it is a great opportunity to highlight issues on our roads.

Kingaroy Police Constables, Rhys Golinksi and Rhys Everitt shared a selection of the excuses they have heard from drivers who have been pulled over for driving infringements.

When asking drivers how many drinks they have had, Const Everitt said there was one common response he heard all too often.

"It's amazing how many drunk drivers have only had two drinks," he said.

One driver blamed a higher power for his over-the-limit reading.

"He said he had just come from church and it was the church wine," Const Golinski said.

Const Golinski said one driver obviously had a guilty conscience when they were pulled over and asked why they were speeding.

"They said, 'I thought you were chasing me'," he said.

Some vehicles have malfunctions at the most inconvenient times.

"I pulled the driver over for speeding, I asked him what speed did he think he was doing and he replied, 'I don't know, my speedo is out'," Const Golinski said.

Some drivers need to put some thought into their stories before they are pulled over by the police.

"The driver said he was running late for his son's wedding, but when I asked him when the wedding started, he said 'not until tomorrow'," Const Everitt said.

A driver had been pulled over for the second time after an initial drink driving incident.

Cnst Golinksi wasn't quite sure how to respond when he asked the driver why she was back in her car driving again.

"I asked her why are you driving again and she said, 'how else am I supposed to get home?'," he said.

Const Golinksi has worked out sometimes drivers could be too honest for their own good.

"I pulled the driver over for speeding and when I asked him if he had any reason for travelling above the speed limit, he said 'I didn't think I'd get caught'," Const Golinski said.

They aren't always fabricated responses and Const Everitt said he pulled over one couple who were in a hurry to get to the hospital.

"I have genuinely had a woman who was in labour, I thought that only happened in the movies," he said.

Queensland Road Safety week runs from August 27-31 and it is an opportunity to speak up for road safety and for drivers to refresh their knowledge of the road rules.

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