OH BABY: It's the season for baby echidnas or puggles.
OH BABY: It's the season for baby echidnas or puggles.

It's puggle season so be on the lookout

ECHIDNA 'puggle' season has started, with plenty of females carrying their young and WIRES is urging Northern Rivers residents to keep lookout.

If you see an injured echidna check underneath the animal and the surrounding area, as you may just save two native animals.

The female Echidna does not have a permanent pouch, but contracting muscles in her abdomen which forms a pouch-like fold.

The impact from a car accident can cause a puggle to be thrown out of this pouch.

The pouch-like fold will also relax if the Echidna is injured, allowing the puggle to fall out and possibly roll some distance away from mum's body.

A search can often locate a golf ball sized or larger unspined puggle some distance away; they may be rolled into a ball and look like a pinky-grey clump of clay.

Puggle's require immediate intensive care so it is best to contact WIRES when you come across one, or if trying to handle an adult echidna with spikes.

Note exactly where you find the Echidna so the animal can be returned to the exact location for release.

The 24-hour hotline is for all calls to WIRES in the Northern Rivers - 6628 1898 www.wiresnr.org