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It’s still ‘sharky’, so be careful when you're surfing

OKAY straight off the bat, yes there are still plenty of sharks hanging around our region.

Doesn't really matter about the theories about why they are so active.

Facts are what counts, not theories, and the fact is that it's still pretty sharky out there.

They are big sharks too, and they haven't shown any signs of moving on just yet. So make your decisions about whether to enter the water or not, based on that fact, rather than on whether you believe sharks really mean to attack. Having said that it's been relatively easy to make the decision to give it a miss lately.

After all, we haven't had that many good waves. But this weekend could be a different, so if you decide to get wet, do it with care and be well aware of your surroundings.

Here's the deal - there was a really solid southern ocean storm that was all set to pass below NZ.

It did just that, but it stalled at the entrance to the Tasman Sea before doing so. This produced a long southerly fetch and pretty decent sized mid to long period pulse of south swell to drive on up the east coast of our continent.

Empty beachie, nice but risky right now.
Empty beachie, nice but risky right now.

Now granted it's going to be straight south, and most of it will stay in deep water as it motors past.

However there is enough in this body of swell for at least the trailing edge of it to refract along our coastline. While it will get quite big in deep water, closer to shore, 1.5-2m at (10-16 secs) is about as much as we could hope for.

Yet that's a whole lot more than we've been getting lately.

There's a problem though - most of the south swell magnets that are more likely to pick up the best of this swell, are exactly the same places where most of the larger sharks have been spotted over the last few weeks.

This swell is sadly most likely to peak late on Saturday night.

After lunch on Saturday may be worth a look, as could be the first half of Sunday as well. Just remember if it doesn't feel right, give it a miss.

There are always more waves to come and this current period of high shark activity won't last forever. Many of them will eventually move on.

Sure, sharks are always there and always a risk. But when numbers are up, maybe just mowing the lawn could be the smarter move.

Stay safe, have fun wait your turn, and surf today like you want to surf again tomorrow.

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