Amanuael Visser, 10, of Tyagarah, is set to wow the crowds with his singing on Young Talent Time.
Amanuael Visser, 10, of Tyagarah, is set to wow the crowds with his singing on Young Talent Time. Jay Cronan

It's young talent's time

IT'S a long way from Ethiopia to Byron Bay, but that's the journey singing sensation Amanuael Visser has made in his short, but eventful life.

"When I was eight months old I was adopted," explained Amanuael, 10.

"When they [my parents] picked me up from Ethiopia they said I started singing in the foyer of the hotel and I didn't stop."

The Year Four Byron Bay Public School student has just auditioned for one of Australia's most-loved shows, the revamped series of Young Talent Time.

Hundreds of children attended the show's auditions in Brisbane, but Amanuael was one of just a few chosen for the final tryouts in Sydney.

Amanuael performed the Adele hit Rolling in the Deep in Sydney, but he was knocked out before reaching the final eight singers chosen for the Young Talent Time team.

Mr Visser said his son would now be a contestant on the show.

"The way the industry is going they're focused on dancing as well as singing, so it's a lot of work for a little guy and he found the choreography a bit tough. But he still blew them away with his singing and he may follow dancing when he gets older," Mr Visser said.

Mr Visser suffers from a hereditary heart disease, so he and his partner Michele decided to adopt Amanuael from Ethiopia, where he was also born.

"We felt that Ethiopia was a home for us so it was a natural decision," he said.

From the moment he held Amanuael, Mr Visser knew his son had a gift.

"He just sang the house down and he still wakes up every morning and sings. He loves acting and getting dressed up and he even takes notes when he watches films," he said.

For a little boy who's yet to finish primary school, Amanuael is certainly one to watch.

"My goal is to help people when I get older and to be a great singer and to have that as my main job," Amanuael said.