A couple show their baby wearing an
A couple show their baby wearing an "I "heart” Census? t-shirt. ABS

'I've just been born' no excuse for joining Census

OH baby, being born on Census day 2016 means you will also have to be counted.

And hospitals across the region are preparing for any last minute influxes.

Head of the 2016 Census, Duncan Young said babies born before midnight on census night "must be included on a Census form".

"If a child is born at 11:59:59, they'll be counted in the 2016 Census."

Palmwoods' couple Chloe and Trent Prentice have had to include Census preparation in their plans for the arrival of their first child.

Mrs Prentice was due to be induced at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital at Buderim on Monday night.

She expected their first child, a boy, would arrive on Census day and completed the paperwork early.

Hospital Support Services Director, Adriana Leonardi, said three Census officers would help collect patient details during the Census count.

"We have the possibility of 190 patients staying in on Census night.

"Three staff employed by Census will be going around and hand out forms and collecting them.

"Sometimes relatives fill in the forms, otherwise you have a month to complete it if you are just coming out of surgery."

The Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service would also have four staff going through hospital corridors helping people fill out forms.

Mr Young said the Australian Bureau of Statistics would celebrate the arrival of some of youngest people included in the Census of Population and Housing by giving newborns around the country a special gift.

A total of 1100 babies in 40 elected hospitals around the country would receive an "I heart" Census t-shirt.

So far, neither the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital or the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service have received these t-shirts.

Mr Young said putting everyone in the household, including newborns would help "achieve an accurate count of the population".

"For example Census data tells us a child is born in Australia every one minute and 46 seconds.

"Information provided on the forms will inform decisions for these newborns' future and the future of everyone in Australia by assigning government funds to things like hospitals, schools and other essentials."

But IDCARE's David Lacey's has warned people the greatest risk of stealing information when completing the Census online might come from your computer.

"If you are using a device that doesn't have anti-virus to complete the Census tonight, then think again," Dr Lacey warned.

"If your device is vulnerable because it doesn't have the latest anti-virus protection, then your Census input is vulnerable at your end of this transaction. To embrace this move, my advice is to embrace anti-virus and do so frequently and don't have high expectations if (or when) your data is hacked."