iVote rattled again by Freak flaw

EXPERTS have identified a security flaw in the NSW Electoral Commission's online voting system that could have exposed 66,000 votes to fraud.

Vanessa Teague and J. Alex Halderman from the University of Melbourne revealed the issues, saying the system was vulnerable an attack by the 'Freak' virus.

The Freak flaw was uncovered this month - a piece of code that leaves Apple and Android devices and websites including FBI.gov open to hackers.

"We demonstrated we could make the browser display what the voter wanted, but secretly send a different vote to the iVote server," the researchers wrote.

The EC updated the system to fix the vulnerability, but 66,000 people had voted.

The discovery was the second major flaw found in the iVote system in a week.

A week ago, voting was suspended for six hours after the EC realised it had left two parties off its above-the-line part of the upper house ballot. The 19,000 votes cast will be honoured.