The NSW Electoral Commission has reiterated the security of the iVote system.
The NSW Electoral Commission has reiterated the security of the iVote system.

iVote system isn't vulnerable: NSW Electoral Commission

THE NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) has hit back at claims the security of the iVote electronic voting system could be compromised.

Earlier this week Dr Vanessa Teague and Dr J. Alex Halderman from the University of Melbourne revealed an issue, saying the system was vulnerable an attack by the 'Freak' virus.

A NSWEC spokesman said the anomoly found wasn't within the actual iVote system.

"The vulnerability identified was not within the voting system but rather an associated monitoring tool used by the voting system," the spokesman said.

"The paper does not provide any evidence of an actual breach of the iVote production system. We have sought advice from the iVote core system service provider and our internet security consultants CSC Cybersecurity Australia.

"While the likelihood of such a risk occurring is considered low, the NSWEC has decided to remove the monitoring tool from iVote and effectively remove the identified risk."

The spokesman went on to point out any claims made by Dr Halderman and Dr Teague when it comes to online voting should be taken with a grain of salt.

"These allegations have been made by two known activists, Dr Halderman and Dr Teague, who are advisory board members of the US based anti-internet voting lobby group Verified Voting," the spokesman said.

"The Commission has now had time to review the claims made by Dr Teague and Dr Halderman and has received advice from our information security auditors.

"The Commission's principal security advisers CSC Cyber Security ANZ noted that Dr Teague and Dr Halderman's claims about the vulnerabilities in iVote are overstated.

"The proposed FREAK attack requires a high level of technical expertise and a number of pre-conditions to be successful and as such is not considered a real threat to iVote."

The Electoral Commission said the iVote system was designed to mitigate against this situation by offering electors the opportunity to verify their vote through an independent channel.

It has, and continues to, encourage all electors who have voted using the system to take the opportunity to verify that their vote has been accurately recorded by calling the iVote verification service on 1300 138 739.